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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Cabaiguan Guapos 46 new size...

Cabaiguan Guapos 46:

Size: Corona Gorda 5 5/8 x 46


Band: Standard Cabaiguan (Cab) tan band with embossed silver and white trim. simple and clean with no fanfare, typical of the Cab's.

Setting: My living room watch-in the NBA game.

OK, here We go.

I was at the Azucar Cigar Lounge today and picked up one of the new sizes.

I have had the Original Guapos, which is a Larger ring gauge. I liked it OK, but like Others here have said, it was not on par with the $ dollars spent. There was another review in April, but The specific size was not mentioned.

This is a Good looking cigar, I like the smaller ring size too. The wrapper has a stretched look, in some sections. The medium Colorado color is consistent Head to Foot. The finish is a semi gloss lustre. Like the Original Guapos (OG) it sports a short pigtail Cap.

Prelight: The aroma off the wrapper is floral with a touch of sweet spice. It appears well filled and has a uniform feel to it. A shallow first clip exposes a very easy draw.

The Light: With match to foot, she breaths easily to life . A first taste of...........................Pine?! Yup!

The sharp tree flavor fades and a nice light spicy pepper finish lingers on the tongue. A very easy draw, almost too easy.
Still a more impressive start than the OG had.

I'm pairing with a smooth Dewar's 12 YO and a bottle of water. Simple and clean.

As a smaller ring diameter might suggest. It smokes a bit hotter than the OG. I slow it down, because this unit warmed up very quickly.

This cigar has a very distinct flavor, woody and earthy with nice Herbal cues. It's not a Powerhouse smoke, but the unique flavor profile reflects the quality of the materials used.
Read: You don't miss the strength element.

One inch in and everything is stable and since I slowed down the pace, the heating concern has disappeared. There is a really nice finish on the palette.

Slow sipping the Dewar's and the water, seem to be a nice flavor combination.
FWIW, I think a stout single malt might over power this vitola.

The burn is consistent and the powder fine ash drops of it's own accord. So, tap it or wear it.

A small pin hole leak in the wrapper developed at 1.5 inches, creating a small canoeing, so a touch-up is required. Otherwise it has been a well mannered smoke so far.

The flavor does not remind me of any of the other Cab cigars that I have had. Definitely a different blend, or perhaps the smaller ring focuses the blend better than the OG.

The flavor is growing on me. This cigar is smoking pretty fast, at 1/2 hour, two inches already gone. I make another shallow clip to open up a damp head. While I have said this cigar is not a powerhouse, I must add that this is not a "Mild Cigar" as I get further into it the flavor intensifies and the strength moves up a notch as well.

The band comes off cleanly and the flavor train keeps on rolling. It develops more depth in the earthy/Loam department.

Some of the Cabaiguan line has left me scratching my head and going Huh?
But, I like this cigar. It will be a great early smoke or a nice hot tub cigar. Steady enjoyable flavor, without a lot of work. With a lower price point than the OG, I think it's a smart move by the Guy's at Cabaiguan.

Halfway through smooth with no harsh tones. It has a good Honest tobacco flavor. I was kinda worried at first because the wrapper really had a Floral nose to it. I'm not a big fan of Flowery smelling/tasting cigars. But after lighting, the Woody Herb flavor took over and delivered.

First relight. (too much typing ) Plenty of smoke on the draw, at rest almost none.

A much better Basketball game tonight. (I Like'em close!)

The bulk of the Sweet spot of this cigar has been a steady and consistant delivery of flavor. I like that.
Sometimes, I want a cigar to challenge me and sometimes I just want a tasty smoke. This stick has delivered that.

Less than two inches remain, still going steady. I give it another small clip and keep on puffin.

There are two more sizes, all smaller than the OG. I guess I'll have to try them too.

These should also improve with age. It should mellow nicely.

I'm down to the last bit and no substantial deficencies. Other than a slightly scorched tongue early on, it's been Great.

As I retire this new Jewel to the tray, I think that it's a Winner.
A well mannered and an honest flavor profile in a good size for the blend.

That's what I Love about Quality Hand Rolled Cigars, the variety of old favorites and the new smokes you've yet to discover.


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