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  1. Smoking Regulations in Utah
  2. LA Legislature votes down tax
  3. La Habana Hemingway WINS in New Orleans.
  4. Oregon Tax Proposal Defeated.
  5. House Appropriations Commitee passes Predicate Date Legislation
  6. CRA's Glynn Loope on Radio, Sat. Aug.1
  7. No cigars in Savannah !
  8. CRA Congressional Petition for Premium Cigar Exemption
  9. CRA Open Letter to Candidates for President
  10. Florida local government smoking legislation
  11. Chicago Tax Increase Proposal
  12. Cigar Voters and the 2016 Presidential Race
  14. News from IPCPR
  15. I'm confused
  16. Cigars for Troops BAN
  17. I'm Not an Attorney
  18. July 28 CRA/IPCR Joint Release Regarding FDA and premium cigars
  19. Breaking News!
  20. August 2017 CRA E-Mail News
  21. House approves exemption for premium cigars
  22. And so it begins...
  23. Keep this in mind
  24. Baton rouge Louisiana
  25. Congress Requests Extension of Comment Period
  26. FDA Announces Extension to Tobacco Related ANPRMs
  27. Joint Statement by IPCPR/CRA on FDA Cigar Regulation
  28. IPCPR Statement on Altria
  29. IPCPR Statement On FDA Rules on Vaping